Episode 18

Published on:

26th Feb 2021

February News Roundup

This week we play catch up as we recap the biggest news items from the last few weeks. FFXIV Patch 5.5, FFXVI producer interview, Project Triangle Strategy, and more!

Trivia question of the day: What is the name of the mathematics based mini-game played with coins in Final Fantasy X-2? (Answer at the bottom of the episode summary).

Episode Summary

  • Introduction / Trivia
  • Our week in Final Fantasy
  • New FFXIV FFTCG Starter Set available
  • FFXI February Update contains a new chapter of Voracious Resurgence
  • Live Letter 62
  • Patch 5.5 title: “Death Unto Dawn”
  • Patch 5.5 Part 1 arrives April 13th
  • Patch 5.5 Part 2 arrives end of May
  • New MSQ split into two parts
  • New Dungeon: Paglth’an
  • The Chronicles of Werlyt continues with a battle against Diamond Weapon
  • Final “YoRHa Dark Apocalypse” Alliance Raid will be added
  • Resistance weapon requirements up to Patch 5.35 will be eased.
  • Rewards for Castrum Lacus Litore will be increased to remove the barrier it poses - scheduled for a hotfix
  • New area - Zadnor
  • New Unreal Trial - The Navel to be retired
  • Ultimate Trial delayed due to Covid until 6.1
  • FFXVI Interview with Producer Naoki Yoshida via “Game Hack” from the Tokyo Radio Show “One Morning”
  • Combat will include action and story elements
  • An accessible story-focused mode will be included for those less familiar with action oriented gameplay via support actions
  • The story hopes to “create a world within the Final Fantasy universe that those who understand the complexities and realities of good and bad can be excited for”
  • Will focus on the hardships and experiences of becoming an adult.
  • Project Triangle Strategy - FF Tactics?
  • Trivia answer: Sphere Break

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