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18th Nov 2022

Kupo Quest Episode 1 - Strangers

Our adventurers find themselves in the Kingdom of Cornelia with no knowledge of how they got there or who one another is. With no memory of recent events, they find it hard to explain the situation they find themselves in but they know one thing; they have drawn some attention.

Our heroes take their first steps into the world of Fantasia! -- Watch live at

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Welcome to Highwind Herald, a Final Fantasy podcast where we (two Final Fantasy obsessed brothers) discuss everything from Asura to Zell, and all things in between. We are your hosts, Wolfkinz and Solois, Brothers of Light.

This show focuses on Final Fantasy in its entirety, from their humble beginnings to the ambitious future.

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Podcaster Name: Wolfkinz

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I have been a fan of the series since FFVII in 1997. I have completed most of the numbered titles including both MMOs. I do not fancy myself a content creator as this is my first attempt at podcasting, but I am a huge fan and hopefully can provide you with a little entertainment. I am currently playing FFXIV as a Red Mage on Leviathan.