Episode 40

Published on:

20th Aug 2021

Mog Station Malaise

The Mog Station got a new addition this week and it got people talking; is a cash shop for a subscription MMO a good thing? This week we share our thoughts on the Cruise Chaser and optional items as a whole.

Trivia question of the day: In FFVIII, how many possible moves can Gilgamesh perform? Bonus points for naming them all! (Answer at the bottom of the episode summary).

Episode Summary

  • Introduction / Trivia
  • Our week in Final Fantasy
  • FF A-Z: Gilgamesh
  • Streamer Update
  • Cruise Chaser discussion
  • Mog Station / Optional Items discussion
  • Trivia answer: 4: Zantetsuken, Masamune, Excaliber, and Excalipoor

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